Rave Reviews

Return on Influence is definitive, exciting, and endlessly practical. In an age where marketing budgets are tight and getting tighter, social media — and particularly influence marketing — has become the silver bullet to solve all problems. Consider this book the marksmen’s manual.”

 — Rick Wion, Director of Social Media, McDonald’s

“For generations, influence was determined by who owned the press.  In an age where everyone has that power via social networks, reputation managers must learn how to find, engage and partner with the people shaping their brands.  Schaefer provides unmatched insight into the newest ways to find who matters.”

– Harold Burson, Founder of Burson-Marsteller

“Influence is the ability to cause effect or change behavior. Mark Schaefer helps you define the outcomes you wish to see … and measure them!”

– Brian Solis, author of The End of Business as Usual

“I could not stop reading this book.  Mark Schaefer demystifies the power of influence in this insider’s guide to combining content strategy with network interactions to create social conversations that move markets.”

– Ardath Albee, author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

This book is like getting a master’s degree in marketing. It is not just a book you read.  This is a book you STUDY!”

– Howard Lewinter, Host BusinessTalk Radio


“In his easy-to-read manual, Schaefer fearlessly tackles the complexity and controversies of social media influence.”

– BookList Magazine

“Return On Influence is an astoundingly fluid read thanks to Mark’s conversational writing style. His profound insights on influence are shared via first-hand experiences as a world-class social media and marketing leader, interviews with influential leaders, relevant case studies and a deep dive into what Klout’s all about. This book provides a path for understanding and optimizing influence as a positive force in your world, whether you’re an innovative individual or a global brand.”

– Billy Mitchell,  President & Senior Creative Director, MLT Creative

“In the past, corporate and government leaders built strong networks of influence one relationship at a time.  Mark Schaefer’s latest book explains how today’s social media stands that model on its end—enabling average citizens to create even more influential networks by the tens-of-thousands in a fraction of the time.”

– Chris Peters, CEO, The Lucrum Group

“Through timely and relevant anecdotes, helpful appendixes, and an accessible writing style, he successfully guides both veteran social media users and laypeople through the world of social influence — how to get it and how to use it to best advantage.

VERDICT:  HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for anyone interested in the sociological as well as the practical impacts of social media and marketing.”

— The Library Journal

“A fascinating exploration at how you track and increase your online influence.  Real-world strategies for real-world companies.”

– Randy Gage, author, Prosperity Mind

“In a world afflicted with ‘continuous partial attention’, it’s intellectually refreshing to read Mark W. Schaefer’s clearly written Return on Influence. Determining influence in online and offline conversations, understanding the power and premise of social scoring, and connecting with niche influencers give a hint to the level of research invested in these twelve chapters. Communicators and CMOs will find Chapter 5 a game-changer as Schaefer reveals ‘power accrues to those who can create or aggregate content and move it virally through an engaged network.’ Doesn’t every business need to master this? The ultimate influencer will harness the insight in Schaefer’s book and leverage it for more and better business. The subtitle should have read Return on Reading!”

– Anne Deeter GallaherOwner/CEO, Deeter Gallaher Group LLC

“This book moves concisely and logically, and as I was reading and formulating questions; BINGO. In the very next section was the answer. Brilliantly conceived & tightly put together; obviously with a great deal of thought, this book will guide a reader on an invaluable journey. I have been a student of ‘influence’ for many years, and this book is just what is needed here and now.”

– Caroline Di Diego, Founder – Esse Group

“I have to say that I have had three books that have turned my head like no others in recent memory – Tipping Point, Chasing Cool and Return On Influence.”

– Brian Yeldell,  blogger, author